3 popups @ 2 locations

Here’s to trying to help spring come along!
We’ve got two popups scheduled at Portsmouth Pantry (5003 N Lombard St). Saturdays March 25  & April 15 from 5-10pm.
As usual, you should try to reserve with us beforehand, but we will be accepting walk-ins as well (unless we fill up).
If you’d like to rsvp, tell us:

  1. Your name
  2. Number in your party
  3. Time you’d like to come
  4. A contact number, in case something comes up last minute

On Friday, March 31 we’ll be doing something different at North Bar (5008 SE Division St). 6-11pm

…it’ll be different for us because it’s our first time doing anything at a functioning bar (hence NO reservations) & it’s our 1st event, that’s not a farmers’ market, in the South Eazy. So excited!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

As always thanks much for your support. See you at dinner!

er, never mind…

So ya, we will no longer be popping up at Vtopia on Mondays. Sad to say, but doing them turned out to be a bad idea. It’s funny, we have this annoying tendency to do things until it is abundantly clear that we have NO business doing said things. As we knew awhile ago, we simply weren’t bringing in enough customers to justify being there every week for the last three months.

That said,  we will be doing a couple of popups at our old haunt in N Portland, Portsmouth Pantry, the first, Saturday 3/25, the second on Sat 4/15. Sign up for our popup newsletter, on the right panel of this blog, to find out further details.

Valentine’s Day Dinner at Tabor Bread

valentines vegan japanese portland tabor

We’ve come up with some really unique dishes with Chef Elona Trogub of the Witchn Kitchn. Many of the dishes included in this 6 course meal will be cooked in Tabor Bread’s massive wood-fired oven. The $75 charge gets you beverage pairings, potions & covers gratuity.

$65 Early Bird Special ends Feb. 1st.

Sorry, NO Walk-Ins. A limited number of seats are available, so reserve yours today at obonpdx.com/valentines

The Menu

dumplings served tableside

salad rolls of roasted burdock, dandelion and chicory roots, sprouts and wild greens

skewers of miso glazed mock fried chicken, kasu-style seasonal pickles, tofu misozuke aioli

kombu kudzu custard with seaweed bacon and tempura greens

roasted wild and cultivated mushroom steak, salt mountain potatoes and nettle sauce

assorted truffles, shortbreads, candied kabocha, some assembly required

offerings are paired with herbal sake decoct-tails or non-alcoholic maple kefir decoct-tails


Eastside Vegan Sushi Night Popup

On Friday Nov 4th from 6-:9:30pm, join us in Macau Chinese Restaurant’s  bar area for a somewhat wild & dramatic taste of Japanese & PNW fall flavors. Our ingredient selections were made keeping in mind the harmony of flavors that should be systemic to each bite. Almost everything that we’ll be using is currently in season around Portland. This makes it a uniquely autumn-oriented  menu.

If you’d care to come, please fill out a reservation form & we’ll get back to you ASAP with a confirmation.

Also, please note! Because we will have limited staff & kitchen resources, we are limiting party sizes to 4 people or less.

The menu:macau-sushi-night

Fall Popup Oct 14, 2016

We’re super proud to announce our 1st popup in SW Portland!!! It’ll be at Gigi’s Cafe on Oct 14, 6-10pm.

For now we assume we will be able to seat folks who don’t reserve with us prior, but it may be considered prudent to rsvp. To do so, send us an email with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Number in your party
  3. Time you’d like to come
  4. A contact number, in case something comes up last minute

See the menu (which is TOTALLY subject to change) here.

Summer Kaiseki Dinner at P-Bellz

Join us for a prix fixe dinner on Monday July 11th. It’s going to be $60, with an optional $30 for a sake & wine pairing.

Since it’s being held on  a Monday night, we’re promoting it as an “Industry Night”, so all you kids that are card carrying OLCC servers or Food Handlers get 10% off!

Get your tickets  by clicking here.


Two Popups, June 24 & July 11

On Friday, June 24 we’ll be serving up our goods at Portsmouth Pantry, 5003 N Lombard 6-10pm.

Reservations are recommended (especially if there’s going to be more than two of you), but not required. To do so, send a note to us at info(a)obonpdx.com.

Be sure to include in your RSVP:

  1. The number of people in your party
  2. The time you’d like to come
  3.  A mobile phone number we can contact you at, in case of last minute changes.

That said, if you’re not feeling up to eating out, you can always call us for pickup at (971)269-4434.

Find the menu for that one on our homepage.

…& that leaves us with this!!..

On Monday, July 11th  we’re going to take over the famed Inner South East institution Portobello Vegan Trattoria (we’re still in the planning phase, so we don’t have a menu quite yet). It’s going to be a multi-course prix fixe dinner, costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 per person, & an optional beverage pairing at $25. Since Mondays are the traditional day off for restaurant industry folks, we’re considering it “Industry Night” & offering a 10% discount to those that present a OLCC Server’s card or Food Handler’s permit. A reservation is required for this dinner.

For more info, check back here shortly, or ask us directly by email, info(a)obonpdx.com.


Plant-based Japanese comfort food.

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