Shojin-Kaiseki Dinner Anyone?

Can’t believe how much fun we’re having putting together this 7 course, vegan dinner for our landlady & her friends tonight. If you like what you see, drop us a line for a quote…Ries_dinner-page-001(1)

3 thoughts on “Shojin-Kaiseki Dinner Anyone?”

  1. Hi there!
    We just tried your tofu misozuke and it was fantastic. The only other times I’ve had it were at Kajitsu in New York, (one of my favorite restaurants anywhere, especially when they were down on 9th St.)
    The shojin-kaiseki looks amazing. Please sign us up the next time you put it together! Anytime, anywhere.
    Best of luck,

    1. Sure James & thanks for the kind words! We’re thinking of doing one again soon, but we don’t have anywhere to do it, & we wouldn’t know how to get the word out to a broad enough audience. Maybe we could enlist some help from one of the businesses we’ve been fostering relationships with…

      1. Hi Jason,
        My partner and I would be very interested in hosting at our place and could help put together a good sized group. Our home is nicely set up for a gathering like this, indoor or out depending on the season. We’re in the heart of Hawthorne and would be delighted to have you guys come by to see if it could work for you. Let’s connect by email.
        Thanks again,

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