On the shelf, & the price is right.

We went in to the People’s Food Co-Op to see if our new products were up on the shelves after we delivered a couple cases yesterday. There they were, right at eye level, in the grab-n-go case. Very exciting. We’re trying to schedule ourselves for next Wednesday to demo them out to anybody that’s curious…


Tofu Misozuke is a spreadable miso-cured tofu that goes on just about anything (Jason loves it mixed into rice). We’ve used it to make Vietnamese sandwiches with great success & it’s great as a chip dip. Think of it as vegan cream cheese or pate, but much lighter.

Goma Dofu is a savory sesame cake, formed like tofu, but with no soy, we use kuzu starch instead. It’s meant to be eaten with a drizzle of soy sauce (mandatory) & a little ginger &/or wasabi (more optional).

Looks like they’re retailing for $4.50 & $2.39 respectively so go check them out! Maybe see you Wednesday?

2 thoughts on “On the shelf, & the price is right.”

  1. Great products deserve prime placement. The Goma Dofu sounds so good, especially for those of us that can’t eat soy -you need a retail outlet in San Francisco! I hope it’s wildly successful in the co-op.

    1. Thanks so much Jill! We may be able to work out a deal to One Day ship some. Also, I worked at Driver’s Market in Sausilito for 9 months before we moved to Portland. I’m sure those guys would carry it, if we could just get steady shipments down there. I’ll keep you posted.

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