Last Thursday, Elevate, Lents

Well this week is turning out to be a crazy one!

We’re going to be trying to sell our goodies at NE Alberta St’s Last Thursday, coming up here (I say TRYING because we didn’t fare so well at last month’s). But we’ll be at 27th St, nonetheless.

Then on Saturday, it’s the Elevate Block Party from 5-11pm on NW Davis, between 3rd & 4th. It’s a dance festival being thrown in the middle of Chinatown to raise money, in order to revitalize that neighborhood.

Then, on Saturday 10-3pm we’ll be at the Lents International Farmers’ Market, which is always a hoot!

Anyway, we hope to see all your faces sometime this week, come at least try our brand new Dulse Onigiri!


It’s been a tornado!

I can’t believe the Jade District Night Market is about to close up for the year. They’ll be back & us with them next July or August. But starting Sunday (9/14) & every week until Oct 26, we’ll be at the Lents Intl Farmers’ Market serving up our Scotch Quail Eggs, Curried Kabocha Korroke & Wild Mushroom (Chicken-Of-The-Woods) Tater Tots. We’re also trying our best to add Onigiri to our menu, as well as Nukazuke. So come see us on Saturday night (9/13) at the in the Fubonn parking lot from 6-10p or the next morning in Lents from 10a-3p.

Feed them quail eggs!


Introducing Quail Eggs, Scotch Style! We’ll be serving these guys alongside our Giant Tater Tots at The Jade Night Market, this Saturday. Our process: 1st we hard boil the eggs, then we peel the shells, coat them with ground chicken, & add some nice panko for breading. They’re then deep fried & served with one of our three house-made aiolis. Come get em!

Finally Feeding Folks!!

Jade District Night Poster Final

We’re super happy to finally be putting food in people’s mouths! We signed up for the next four night markets out in the Jade District. We’ll be peddling Humi’s giant tater tots in two flavors: Plain ol’ Potato & Curried Kabocha. Also on the menu will be Scotch Quail Eggs (if you don’t know what Scotch Eggs are, stay tuned, I’ll be posting photos in the next few hours). We’ve also been messing with a vegan aioli using soft tofu & herbs we grew in our home garden. So come out to SE 82nd for one (or all!) of the next four Saturdays, the market goes until 10 o’clock!

We’re passionate about good food!

We moved to Portland from San Francisco in late March 2014. We had in mind to start some kind of home-style Japanese food company. We knew only that we wanted to feed people wholesome, contentiously grown food, & avoid making sushi as our mainstay (there’s already plenty of great sushi to be found in Portland). Our reasons for picking this beautiful city are numerous, but what really motivated us to move here was the vibrant, ecologically aware community & the more relaxed pace of life. So we found a place, packed up a rental truck with the cats (& everything else) & drove up.

So we’re here now, pitching our vegan products to grocery stores to sell in their refrigerated sections, getting involved in outdoor markets & catering small parties with set courses.

Plant-based Japanese comfort food.